Men Waxing – More Acceptable Than Ever

Waxing has become an incredibly popular method of hair removal within the last few decades. For many people, waxing has become the only method of hair removal they’ll treat themselves with and waxing solves many of the problems that other hair removal methods caused them. Read on about waxing and learn some of the most important information you need to know about waxing.

For a long time, men waxing were looked at a little disdainfully. For the majority of the practice’s history, waxing was looked at as something that women did, and men waxing was either a big joke or were completely unthinkable. You only have to go back and look at pictures, movies, and advertisements from a few decades ago to see that the hairy look was far more popular than the smooth look derived from men waxing. Yet in recent years, the practice of men waxing has become increasingly popular and more socially acceptable than ever. In fact, it’s common to see evidence of men waxing being preferred by both men and the women who love them! Let’s take a minute to look at men waxing, what it is, who receives men waxing and whether waxing is the right way to deal with your body hair.

Men Waxing

About Men Waxing is The Idea

One of the biggest misconceptions about men waxing is the idea that it can only mean men getting full-body waxes. The truth of men waxing is that a lot of the waxing methods involved are considerably more subtle and could encompass little touches like eyebrow waxing. Many men waxing these days are going for the smooth chest looking and only having waxing done on their pecs. It’s less common to see men waxing their arms and it’s even less common to see men waxing their legs, though both of these men waxing practices do occur. And while a bikini wax still is seen as more of a “woman’s thing” than a man’s thing, more men than ever are opting to remove their pubic hair in this manner.


There is no one monolithic type of “men waxing guy” who participates in men waxing. In the past men waxing was generally attributed either to homosexuals or professional bodybuilders trying to look smooth, but these days most men waxing don’t fall into either camp. The rise of the metrosexual look has brought men waxing to the masses. Generally speaking, you’re still going to find waxing among the more stylish and visual-conscious members of the male sex, but there are lots of male waxing advocates who participate in men waxing that you’d never have supposed.

Generally speaking

Waxing is one of the best methods of hair removal out there, regardless of whether you’re getting waxing to have a few minor touches done. Waxing is more expensive than other methods but it’s cleaner, more complete, lasts longer and is the best way to remove large quantities of hair all at once (like back, chest and pubic hair). If you’re interested …

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